about me

Samanda Gallee

1966: born in Hallein, Austria

1984-1986: Teachers Training in Salzburg

1993-1994: Communication therapy

1994-1997: biodynamic Therapy with Andrea Schmalzl

1995: Excursion on a 14days  meditationskarawan in the  Sahara, Tunesien

1995-1997: Feng-Shui Training

1996: Training at „Vision der Freude“

1996: Retreat with Michael Roads

2001: Birth of my first son

2003-2004: Training of Nonviolent Communication according to Thomas Gordon

2004: Birth of my second son

2005: Training Emmi Pikler with Christine Rainer

2007: Original play: Several Workshops with Fred Donaldson

2009: my appartment got harmonized with memon.eu (=protection of different rays, including mobile, PC, wlan etc.)

2009: My gift starts to show itself: being able to see into the body

2012: Workshop „Noreia-Essences“ with Erika Pichler

2012-2013: several Trainings „Nonviolent communication- Marshall Rosenberg“

2015-2016: Training „Integrative Bodywork“

Juli 2016: Forging my own singingbowl made of bronze

2016: several workshops and seminars in Sensomotoric Integration und Moto-pedagogy

Jän. 2017: Starting my business

DSC09459 (Large)

2017: Workshop: Somatic Intelligence by Thomas Frankenbach

2017: Seminar in Rota-Therapy

2017: forging my own singingbowl made of brass on the Isle of Mull

2017: forging my own singingbowl made of silver on the Isle of Iona

2018: Using the essential oils of doTERRA

2018: Training of AromaTouch

2018: Developing SilverTouch

2018: Forging a pendulum out of a golden nugget from the Yukon on Orkney, Scottland

2018: Developing GoldenTouch

2019: Training in Body- and Traumawork

2019/20: 6 months stay in New Zealand; giving Online-Bodysessions

2020: developing the BlueTouch with the Silver- and Goldspray of Lavylight

2020: developing the space of “In the Eye of the hurricane”