Who are you really? Who are you away from all clichés, roles, identifications? What was your determination before you incarnated in and through this body? Which part of your soul determined your destiny? Was it a traumatised self or did it come from your wholeness?

I know this longing for your true self. Do you realise that it is possible that you can be be fulfilled, satisfied, that you can finally feel whole, that you can find what you are longing for and that you can really LIVE for the very first time in your life as your true being?

I am Samanda and I have searched intensively for something for 25 years, although I did not know for what I was looking for. Neither religion, nor a satisfied job, nor a nice relationship, nor health, nor anything else satisfied my longing. My body finally showed me what I was missing. The body is the treasure map showing the ways, steps, routes to take to find what we are missing. My way led me to look into various topics such as a twin /triplet story and trauma work. My stay in New Zealand finally helped me to meet Myself. Through the intense energy of that continent, Zealandia, memories awoke in my body, traumas were released, truths showed up and wanted to be seen. At that time, far from Europe and having a 12 hour time difference, my friends and I supported each other with online-sessions. Their power and effects were enormous in real life.

I offer online-sessions to people who have good, clear access to their own body, who already have done a lot of conscious work and need the last important kick to really connect with their own being – with self. Since I have the gift of sight which means I can see your body and the issues stored in your body I am able to communicate with your body and help you best.

Welcome to my homepage!
There is a reason that you found it!

“I am an expert on body issues with a focus on:

  • trauma during pregnancy and birth

  • prenatal traumas

  • single-born twin

  • loosening seals and releasing curses

  • integration of retrieved soul parts and physical effects of lost soul parts

When these are addressed, acknowledged, released and cleared then what has been missing is no longer missing and leads to connection to your SELF so that you can finally, FINALLY, live as your true being, your own essence – YOU!

I am happy to be able to support you on your journey to yourself in my unique way!

Register for a free consultation: samanda.gallee@aon.at

In ease and grace!